Fuck My Swedish Ass

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I wish you would lift up my dress, make me lay across your lap and spank my ass until I’m crying. To rip my panties from my body and push your fingers into my ass. I wish you would lay me on my back, straddle my face and force your cock down my throat while occasionally slapping my face, tits and pussy. I then wish you would make me bend over for you, while you fuck my ass as hard as you can, and forbid me to touch my clit or tits. I then want you to come deep in my ass, and leave me aching for a release I can’t have.

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Anonymous asked: did you ever try a funnel up your bum... making your boyfriend cum into it a number of times in a row?

I’ve never tried that and unfortunately I don’t have a boyfriend… but I think a group of men would do just fine, don’t you think? If they each came in my ass over and over again I would be deliciously full.